Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4, Episode 135

Episode 135

This is the episode where Tiger's Eye targets Chibiusa's art teacher and gets a lemure who will go inside Pegasus to find out who's hiding him. Tiger's Eye disappears after Sailor Moon and crew appears so the lemure can't tell him who it is. Tiger's Eye, you are such a dumb butt. 

The lemure tries to tell Chibiusa to "own" Pegasus, but Chibiusa's dream to make friends without forcing them. This forces the lemure out of her dream. 

At the end, Pegasus appears and tells Chibiusa that he wants to be better friends and gets to see her naked. A fast one that horse is. ;) 


Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4, Episode 134

Episode 134

This is the episode where Makoto's friend writes a popular book about Pegasus, but then suffers writer's block. It was nice to see a Makoto episode. I was gonna complain that in a season about dreams, this season isn't focusing on the senshi's dreams a whole bunch, but I suppose we are only a few episodes in and we still have time for that. It was nice to see in this episode at least that Makoto is an awesome friend and she'll stick up for strangers. 

Some unintentional funny moment:  

Tiger's Eye in the swamp---"She's suffering from writer's block! Now's the perfect time to dig into her!" *shot of him in the water* "My butt's cold!" ROFLOL 


Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4, Episode 133

Episode 133

This is the episode where Diana arrives! This is one of those episodes where I feel it's not very feminist. Luna is a big huge bee-otch in this episode towards Artemis. I mean, geez, she meets a talking kitten...hmmmm...could it be their daughter?! C'mon Luna! You aren't that stupid! Obviously they are going with the big reveal at the end, but I just don't find Luna hitting Artemis or Minako getting angry at him all that funny. Then you have Chibiusa and Usagi playing dumb and fighting over Mamoru. Chibiusa is all, "Papa if you don't help me with my homework, I won't get married and I'll be alllll alone when I'm older!" WTF. And Usagi is all, "Even if you are smart, you won't find someone to marry! Haha!" WTF. 


Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4, Episode 132

Episode 132

I was gonna rag on this episode for being one of those another-girl-should-be-with-Mamoru-episodes, (Urgh, I'm still mad about Hina from PGSM! RAGE!!!!) but there some good things about this episode: 

1) Chibiusa yelling at Usagi about how she wants Saori as a mom cuz she's sexier, smarter, more mature and Usagi looks like she's gonna freak and then she's all, PSYCHE! I never question Mamoru's love for me! LULZ. Now should I get the pig plushie or the horse plushie? 

2) Tiger Eye's English

3) Tiger Eye's Foreign Accented Japanese. Reminds me of the dude in Nodame Cantabile--GAN-bat-TE KU-da-SAI! 

4) Sailor Moon throwing herself in front of the balloon demon and nearly suffocates before Mamoru stabs it with a knife. OH SNAP. SHIT JUST GOT REAL. 

That being said, I'm still hoping and praying they make Mamoru a high school in the new anime. Please anime gods and goddesses! Pretty please! This 20 year old with a 15 year old freaks me out! 


Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4: TV Specials!

SuperS TV Specials! 

Part 1: Usagi's Growth! 

Usagi tells Chibiusa all about Season 1. Clip episode. Nothing to write home about. *shrug*

Part 2: Haruka and Michiru & the Puppet Master 

I was really excited to see this episode cuz you know, Haruka and Michiru! But I felt this episode was really lackluster. It really wasn't creepy. It got a little creepy when the maid went all demon and we got to hear the Psycho music. It was nice to see Sailor Neptune to kick some butt, but it awkward to see Haruka all laid up in bed. The puppet master dude says that if his bottle breaks, all the shadows will turn on their masters. Neptune calls his bluff and kicks his butt. He observes that she did it to save Haruka to which she replies "A world without Haruka is not worth saving" which is weird to hear considering ALL OF SEASON 3, but hey, whatevs I suppose. I bet she was just yanking his chord. Also, I didn't find the puppet master all that interesting character design wise. He's rather Joe Schmoe looking. I hope in the new anime they have cool character designs for ALL the characters. 

Part 3: Chibiusa, the Haunted House and the Vampire

This was a super cute/creepy episode! Is this the first episode we see Chibiusa's new uniform? Probably not, but did she grow in this episode? Something seems different! A new student Ririka arrives in Chibiusa's class and after her classmates start disappearing, they start to suspect her of being a vampire! 

I love the part where Usagi is all "Yum! Let's go get yakiniku!!" and then the senshi use their Special Garlic Attack. Hehehehehhe.

It was interesting that the spooky house was an old embassy cuz they are many embassies in Azubu Juban! 

Finally, Momo's voice is super cute.


The Specials!

The Specials! Ami's First Love!

Loved it! And I have to say, I remember reading this in the manga and not really understanding what was going on. I'll have to read it again, but I was just so confused as to why Ami was freaking out and why she thought the fairy was Mercurius. However, I think this did a good job of explaining it and it was HILARIOUS to see Ami so not Ami! 

Although, question: Err, if this takes place after episode 130, why does Ami use her super transformation? 

Also, wouldn't technically Greg be her first love? I know Greg doesn't exist in the manga and this story is from the manga....must use my suspension of belief I guess! LOL

Finally, the ending song is like one of my favorite Sailor Moon songs EVER. 

Make Up! Sailor Senshi 

This is actually an R special. It's really just a clip show that talks about each character. *shrugs* 


Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4, Episode 131

Episode 131

This is the one where Tiger's Eye targets Naru and tries to capture Pegasus in a cage. I think this episode was really interesting cuz it reminded me of a situation in the blogosphere earlier this year. A blogger had been talking about sexism in the atheism community at a conference and then she was pursed by a dude into the elevator just after she had talked about guys shouldn't do that shit. Many people on the internet wanted to defend this dude, some said "Oh, he's just socially inept." However, another blogger called bullshit on that. She said, "Sexual predators are not social inept, in fact, they are very, very social adept and use it to their advantage." I had never really thought of that before and it has stayed with me since. I think you can see that statement played out in Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye missions--how the pray upon feminine kindness to get their targets right where they want them. 

On a more positive note, please tell me that MOG MOG Burger is in reference to MOS Burger cuz MOS Burger is AWESOME. 


Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4, Episode 130

Episode 130

It's Hawk's Eye turn! It's nice after last season where we only saw one henchman at a time to see this Trio work together at the same time. 

Usagi is really immature in this episode. -_-;; Usagi thinks Ikuko mama favors Chibiusa over her and runs away. Meanwhile, Ikuko mama tells Chibiusa that her biggest dream is for Usagi and Chibiusa to get married (Er, what about Shingo?!). Ikuko and Chibiusa go out to buy more makings for pie when Hawk's Eye attacks. He's pretty hilarious with his whole lost mommy thing. Pegasus shows up and gives them new brooches and weapons. Moon Gorgeous Mediation is probably my favorite attack! So cool!


Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4, Episode 129

Episode 129

This is the episode where Motoki's girlfriend is thinking about whether she should pursue her dream in Europe or stay in Japan with Motoki. A lot of good things in this episode about following your dreams etc although I feel that this episode wasn't very inspired. Not sure why. I really like the whole premise of this season--the Dead Moon Circus scares the bejesus outta me!--but the execution seems lacking. I enjoyed the manga verison of SuperS. 

This whole looking into ladies' dream mirrors is kinda rapey to me. Urgh. :/ Although Pegasus appears again, errr, shouldn't Tiger's Eye target the sailor senshi? U so dumb Tiger's Eye! Also, Super Sailor Moon doesn't call out Moon Gorgeous Mediation during the attack. That's weird. 

Oh, we see Sailor Chibi Moon's full transformation in this episode! I wonder why they waited so long to show. I suppose they had enough transformations to deal with last season. 

Also, Fish Eye sounds totally like a girl. 


Sailor Moon SuperS, Season 4, Episode 128

Episode 128

SuperS! Brace yourselves! 

New opening! It's kinda sucks. I miss the S opening. 

This is the episode with the eclipse and Pegasus appears granting super forms to Moon and Chibi briefing. Chibiusa also sees Pegasus in a dream. The first part of the episode reflects the first part of that Dead Moon Circus live action movie. I kinda wish they followed this episode a bit closer, but I can understand why they may have wanted to make their own changes. 

Chibiusa acts quite wise in this episode saying that sometimes you can't wait for your prince charming, sometimes you have to find him! Usagi accuses Chibiusa of "reading mama's mature novels." ROFLOL

The Amazon trio kinda reminds me of the Trio from Buffy. LOL They're like sexual predators, looking at all the pictures of the ladies, looking for who to target. Tiger's Eye kinda reminds me of a host dude. He's earrings are razors. Hm. Anyway, Tuxedo Mask shows up and Tiger's Eye is all, "What's up with the womanizing outfit?!" LOL Look who's talking Tiger's Eye! Tux is all, "Quiet. I don't want to hear that from you." LOL

New ending song and animation! Not bad, I really like this song. I wish I had the previous ending song but for some reason it wasn't on the Best Collection CD that I have. Weird! 



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